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Questions About
Unlimited Design

Unlimited Design Huepastel is offering a free trial with no need for a credit card. Once you fill out the form, we will review it and deliver the output or draft within 2-3 business days. You will receive or view it with a watermark so you can decide if you want to continue to subscribe to either our all-in-one packages or our à la carte services.

A design and development subscription is a service model where clients pay a recurring fee, usually monthly or annually, to receive continuous design and development services. This subscription model allows clients to have ongoing access to a range of services without needing to hire a full-time designer or developer.

Huepastel offers a variety of design and development services including graphic design, web design, CMS development, custom development, and social media templates. Upon subscribing, you can choose from three different plans: priority, premier, or privilege, each offering different benefits and services.

Subscribing to Huepastel Studio can help you maintain and improve your online presence through ongoing updates, performance optimization, professional support, and strategic guidance.

We understand that sometimes you may not have tasks to delegate to us, which is why we also offer a la carte or project-based services. This allows you to choose what best suits your online presence.

You have the option to cancel your subscription within the first 30 days of your chosen plan, or only pay for the days when your plan was activated. For instance, if you only use our services for 15 days, you will only be charged for those days, and we will refund the remaining balance for the unused 15 days.

YES, we only accept a limited number of clients per month. This is because we are a small two-person agency. We do not outsource our work to other designers or developers because we believe it could create conflicts with the projects. We prioritize the quality of our work over the quantity of clients we accept.

We use Adobe Creative Cloud and Figma for design, and for development, we primarily use WordPress with various builders. Additionally, we offer different kinds of CMS such as Showit, Wix, Shopify, Go High Level, Click Funnels, etc.

All plans are billed monthly on the same calendar date after you sign up. This will be an auto-renewal on your selected billing cycle until you decide to cancel. You can switch, pause, or cancel your plan at any time to avoid future charges.

You are not tied down by any contracts, and you have the freedom to cancel at any time.

For monthly plans, you are billed every month from the date you sign up.

For ala carte, there is no need to worry as it is project-based, with each plan having a fixed price.

I'm sorry, but we do not offer high-resolution files, source files, or transfer Adobe and Figma or WordPress projects to trial users. Access to the original files is available only through a subscription purchase. If you wish to acquire these files without committing to a subscription, they are available for purchase via a one-month non-renewable subscription.

We prioritize client satisfaction, and if you're not satisfied with the design or development tweaks, we have a structured feedback process in place. We'll work closely with you to understand your concerns and make necessary adjustments until we achieve the desired outcome.